Friday, July 6, 2018

Sunflowers Seed 2 with Tracy Moreau

Late summer brings us  those big beautiful sunny faced flowers , as a reminder that fall is not far away.  this lovely Gear Clock Wood Piece , just called out for a Rusty distressed metal effect, and some lovely country colours to keep it “on Trend” with the Farm House/Country Look.  It’s an easy one to create and could as easily be done using decoupage paper, dinner napkins or a printed label. If you are Not artistically inclined. The RUSTY finish is an easy to do effect and works well with all kinds of things.

Heres how it’s done!

First  you have to choose your surface.. this one is wonderful.. ( would make an awesome card!)
I base coated it first with Lamp Black to give me a nice uniform surface to work on. Then I began layer colour over top of the black, starting with a Gold metallic. This is just dry brushed on and leaves a fair amount of the black showing through.

Once the gold is completely dry, I dry brushed again.. this time using Burnt Sienna, I let it dry well then dry brushes once more using Quinacridone Gold. I then layered these colour two more times alternating them.

The final dry brush is a small amount of the Lamp Black, paying a bit more attention to the corners and edges, top and bottom.
You can continue to layer until you like what you see.. I prefer it to be a little lighter.

I taped off the top and bottom of the panel and then applied a base coat of Country Red.

Once it was dry I traced my own design using white graphite. I shaded around the design and the lettering with a float of thinned Lamp Black. ( this just lots the design off the background a little.

Once everything was dry. I based coated the Flower and The Lettering with Summer Squash. (this is a NEW DecoArt Colour) the leaves with Antique Green, and the centre with Asphaltum.

The Flowers are shaded with floats of thinned Scarlet and the leaves with Plantation Pine. The leaves are highlighted with floats of Margarita and the flowers with Thinned Warm White.  

The lettering is shaded with a float of thinned Scarlet along the bottom of each letter. And a highlight is added in a thin line on the left side of each letter. Once all those are complete, A few scribbly details are added around the leaves, dip dots to texture the centre of the flower and a few fine scrolls for vines and stems are added  as filler. Once Sparingly spattered with first white and then a touch of Black, it is ready to hang and enjoy!!

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

Other Supplies Used:

- DecoArt Americana: Lamp Black, Asphaltum, Country Red, Summer Squash, Warm White, Margarita, Antique Green, Scarlet, Burnt Sienna & Gold Matte Mettalic and DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic: Quinacridone Gold
- Dynasty Brushes: Faux Squirrel 1/4 Angled Shader, 1/2 Angled Shader, #2 Rigger, 3/4 Fat Wash, 3/4 Oval Encaustic and Black Gold 10/ Liner

Designed By Tracy Moreau

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  1. Love that gear clock wood canvas and gears. What a beautiful finished piece, gorgeous colours, flower and lettering!