Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ocean Gulls with Erin Quiding-Sampson

Hello, I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start!
My project this week is an ocean scene that I’m calling Ocean Gulls on a 12 by 12 canvas. I had a project that I didn’t looove so I took it apart and re-used the canvas for this project.

To start off, I mixed acrylic paints into plastic cups with a bit of pouring medium and water to make it flow. I made the mixture very thin because I wanted the background to move quickly and the weight of the canvas to remain light.

Setting the canvas up on a level surface I poured the paints in a side to side motion. First pouring white though out, the brown tones towards the center and the blues in a zigzag motion from top to bottom. I then lifted the canvas and moved the paint off the edges and side to side until I felt it had the look of water flowing over a sandy beach.

While the canvas dried, I prepped all the chipboard pieces with gesso.

Painting the sea gulls grey, the grass green, and the posts brown. I painted them quite dark with the intention of white washing them after they were adhered to the canvas.

I placed all the pieces on the canvas, gluing them down with matte gel medium. After they dried, I mixed white acrylic paint and water to create a very watered down, white wash. I white washed over each piece of chipboard using my fingers to get the effect I wanted.

I then added a few shells using gel medium to the posts and all along the bottom of the canvas to give it a more anchored feel.   

I painted some sea gull “foot” prints on the background and added black for the eyes and yellow onto the beaks.

As a final touch, I mixed together some Kosher salt and acrylic paint to make sand. I added the sand to the bases of the posts and in and around the sea shells.

Southern Ridge Trading Company Products Used:

Other Supplies Used:

- 12 by 12 Canvas
- Seashells
- Acrylic Paints: White, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green and Black
- Cups to mix paints in
- Stir sticks for mixing
- Pouring Medium
- Water
- Gesso
- Kosher salt or sand if you have it
- Paint brush
- Tarp or non- stick craft mat

Thanks so much for stopping in today 😊

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