Friday, July 20, 2018

Blue Winter with Sandy McTier


Christmas in July!!!! Do you start painting your ornaments and gifts early or are you like me, waiting until the last minute to get a month’s worth of work done in a few days?? Here’s a sweet little winter scene, using SRTC deer chipboard to get you started on that holiday painting now!!

 Ornament Prep:
  • Using a 3/4" Wash brush, I painted the surface with DecoArt All Purpose Sealer and let completely dry.
  • Once dried, I gave it a light sanding. Then I painted on a smooth layer of DecoArt Media Gesso and let completely dry. Once dried, I gave it another light sanding, removing any dust.

Fawn Prep:
  • I painted the chipboard piece with Gesso using an IPC Large Oval Foam brush.


  • I spritzed the ornament with water and then spritzed it with DecoArt Shimmer Mister Turquoise.
  • I tilted it back and forth and up and down to get the paint to move. Then I dried it with a heat tool.
  • Next, I used a #8 Shader and painted thin trees in the background with DecoArt Media Titanium White – making some trunks shorter and some longer.
  • Then I added some strokes with Titanium White to give the appearance that the trees were evergreens.
  • I added in some snow using Titanium White and a side-to-side motion. The key is to not cover up too much of the blue as this will give some shadows to the snow.
  • Once I got the trees the way I liked them, I decided I wanted to add some water. So I painted in a stream using DecoArt Media Phthalo Blue, adding a snow bank around the stream with more Titanium White.
  • I repainted the branches on the two evergreen trees and while wet, sprinkled some DecoArt Glamour Dust on them.
  • I added a darker border around the edge of the ornament with DecoArt Media Paynes Grey.
  • I also painted some little stars in the background between the trees using a liner brush and Titanium White.









  • I painted the fawn with a mixture of DecoArt Media Quinacridone Gold and Titanium White and let dry. Then I…
  • Shaded him with DecoArt Media Raw Umber using a Dynasty 3/8" Angle brush.
  • Added white accents on his chest, tail, ears, snout and eye.
  • Painted his hooves, eye, nose, mouth and the edge of his ears with DecoArt Media Carbon Black.
  • Added a highlight on the eye, nose and hooves with Titanium White.
  • Dry brushed some Titanium White on the front of his legs.
  • Finally, I added some dots on his tail end with Titanium White. Then I let dry and painted a wash of Quinacridone Gold over them. I let dry again and repainted some of the dots with Titanium White.



Finishing Touches:
  • I let everything dry and then glued the deer on the ornament with E6000.
  • I varnished the piece with DecoArt Media Soft-Touch Varnish and added a ribbon.
  • Hang it on your Christmas tree or give it as a gift!
Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

- Fawn

Other Supplies Used:

- Surface: Wooden Ornament – #207-0521
- Dynasty Brushes: Black Gold 3/4" Wash, IPC Large Oval Foam, #8 Shader, 3/8" Angle and a liner brush of choice. (All available from – use promo code: sandymc for an additional discount)
- DecoArt Americana All Purpose Sealer
- DecoArt Media Products: White Gesso & Fluid Acrylics – Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Quinacridone Gold, Raw Umber, Paynes Grey and Carbon Black
- DecoArt Shimmer Mister: Shimmer Mister Turquoise
- DecoArt Media Varnish – Soft-Touch
- DecoArt Glamour Dust
- Misc. Supplies: E6000 Glue, Sanding Block, Palette Paper and Water Basin

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