Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all Wall Hanging with Sandy McTier

The colour of leaves will soon be changing and pumpkin spice everything (my favourite) will be available! I love the colours of autumn, and two of my favourite colours together are aqua and orange! And, if you haven't guessed, I'm from the south and say "y'all" on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoy creating this little sign to decorate during the fall season!

I loved all the pieces that come in the SRTC Canada 150 set and couldn’t wait to incorporate some of them into a painted project. 

Using a Dynasty Palmer brush, I base coated a thin layer of watered down Gesso over the wooden plaque and let it dry. Then I painted it with a coat of DecoArt Vintage Effects Turquoise.

Next, I stenciled on some beautiful scroll work using an M2 Stencil I created with fellow SRTC Design Team Member Tracy Moreau. I used DecoArt’s Chalky Finish Paint Revive and applied it with a Tracy Moreau Stencil brush. 

Once dry, I drew the basic shape of a pumpkin using a white chalk pencil from General Pencil Company. Next, I base coated the pumpkin with watered down Gesso and let it dry. Then I floated in some shading between the sections with DecoArt Premium Raw Umber. I used Matte Medium on the brush to help the colour float a bit better. 

I picked up Cadmium Orange Hue and Vermillion Hue on the Angle brush and painted in each section. I was pleased with the shading that came through the paint so didn’t add any other shading. 

I loaded the Angle brush with some Sap Green and Raw Umber and painted the stem. Once dry, I floated on some Raw Umber around the base of the stem where it meets the pumpkin. I dry brushed some highlights using a small Dynasty Mezzaluna brush loaded with Green Gold. TIP: Load brush with paint and then wipe off almost all of it onto a paper towel; dry brush in a small area. It’s easier to build up the highlights with additional layers. I finished by dry brushing a mixture of Primary Yellow and White on some of the sections around the front and on the right as well as on the top of the stem.

I dry brushed highlights on the pumpkin sections using a medium Mezzaluna brush loaded with the same Primary Yellow and White mixture. Then I dry brushed some Quinacridrone Gold along the bottom of the sections to make them appear a little bit darker. 

I printed out a cute little saying on my computer, transferred it on using graphite paper and then painted the letters with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Titanium White. I finished them by coming back with my Dynasty Round brush and shadowed the letters with Sap Green. You could use the Premium Titanium White if you don’t have the DecoArt Fluid Acrylics Titanium White. 

Now for the stars of the show! I wanted the wooden leaves to be all sorts of autumn colours! I added some paint to DecoArt’s Metallic Lustre White Frost and randomly brushed them on the leaves here and there – exactly what I was looking for! I loved the way they sparkle and added a bit of shine to the piece. TIP: Load damp medium Mezzaluna brush with some Lustre; mix with just a touch of the paint and it will make it metallic; brush here and there on the leaves. Repeat with different colours. Once dry, you can buff to a desired shine using a soft cloth!

To finish, I glued the wooden leaves to the piece using E6000 glue. I let everything dry completely and then sealed the piece with Soft-Touch Varnish using the Palmer brush. 

I hope this inspires you to create some Happy Fall Art today!!

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

- Maple Leaves from the Canada 150 Set

Other Supplies Used:

- Surface: Wooden Plaque #3132 -
- M2 Stencil: M2-2L (Available from
- DecoArts Vintage Effects: Turquoise
- DecoArt Chalk Finish Paints: Revive
- DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: Titanium White
- DecoArt Premium Acrylics: Raw Umber, Cadmium Orange Hue, Vermillion Hue, Sap Green, Green Gold, Quinacridone Gold, Primary Yellow and Matte Medium
- DecoArt Media White Gesso & Soft-Touch Varnish
- DecoArt Metallic Lustre: White Frost
- Dynasty Brushes: 2" Palmer, 3/8 Angle, Mezzaluna (Sm. & Med.)
- Tracy Moreau Stencil Brush (Med.) (Available from - use promo code: sandymc for additional discount)
- Other Supplies: E6000, White Chalk Pencil (by General Pencil Company) and wired ribbon of choice to hang piece

©2018 Happy Fall Y’all, Sandy McTier Designs ~ All Rights Reserved

Y’all have a GREAT day; Happy Creating!! Sandy

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