Friday, August 11, 2017

Orchids and Dragon Flies with Tracy Moreau

Dragonflies are my Totem, By Spirit guide so to speak. I have an odd affinity for them and they to me. They frequently land on me when I'am out of doors. I love to watch them fly and am enthralled by them when at rest. The delicacy of their wings and the vibrancy of the colour are inspiring. They are...uniquely elegant.
I have used the laser cut dragonflies in a previous post, but NOT the stencil! And I loved this Tavern Sign piece so, I combined them to create this.

I started with the chipboard Vintage Sign Kit, using the middle piece for the surface (I have other plans for the rest of the pieces!) One chipboard Zen Dragonfly and Dragonfly Stencil. 
I love the Southern Ridge stencils...tons of details!!
I started with base coating the surface with Carbon Lamp Black. Then stencilled the dragonfly with DecoArts Bronze Dazzling Metallic. I just applied the image randomly over the surface taking care to allow portions of the image in a few places.

The stencils are easy to clean up with a little hand sanitizer!

I traced and transfer the floral to the panel and then based coated the Americana Acrylics. The petals are based with Warm White and the centre portion with Light Orchid. I based the leaves with Avocado Dip.

I shaded around the floral using a float of Lamp Black and began shading the floral with floats of Light Orchid, then deepened them with a float of Brilliant Purple. The leaves are shaded with floats of Plantation Pine and highlighted with floats of Margarita/Warm White. I then toned both the floral and the leaves and stems with floats of thinned Asphaltum.

I outlined the edge of the panel with a 18kt Gold Paint Pen. While this was drying I painted the dragonfly with a sponge dabbing first Bronze, then Gold, then Green Metallic and then Peacock Pearl Metallic. I glued a small wooden block to the back of the dragonfly. To give it elevation over the floral.

Here's what you need to complete this project:

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplied Used:

Other Supplies Used:
- DecoArt Americana AcrylicsLight Orchid, Brilliant Purple, Titanium White, Warm White, Lamp Black, Avocado Dip, Plantation Pine, Sunny Day, Persimmon, Margarita, Asphaltum. Dazzling Metallics: Crystal Green, Peacock Pearl, Bronze and Bright Gold
DynastyBlack Gold Brushes1/2 angle shader, 10/0 Liner and #4 Filbert
Tracy Moreau Stencil Brush1/2 stencil brush

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Designed by Tracy Moreau

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