Friday, April 20, 2018

Shine On with Sandy McTier

I’ve always loved the mystical, magical and whimsy of fairies!  
When I saw the SRTC Fairy chipboard pieces, I just knew I had to create with them!!

Prepping the Pieces:
  • I painted the Mason jar surface with DecoArt’s All Purpose Sealer and let completely dry.
  • Once dried, I gave it a light sanding and then painted a smooth layer of DecoArt Media Gesso and let completely dry again. Once dried, I gave it another light sanding to remove any dust.

  • I painted the fairy with Lamp Black and let dry.
  • I wanted her to be just a silhouette but also wanted her wings to shine just a bit. So, I painted DecoArt Interference in Violet and Turquoise on her wings.

Mason Jar:
  • I painted over the jar with some Glazing Medium and then, using an Angle brush, floated White in the center, Desert Turquoise on the outer edges of the white and then finished with Dioxazine Purple along the edges. I softly blended between the colors with a mop brush so that the colors would transition into one another. I let the purple run right up into the lid too.
  • Next, I stenciled some of the colors used in the jar over a piece of Punchinella and finished by stenciling some White here and there. I also wanted some smaller dots, so I stenciled over a piece of dry wall tape with circles on it.
  • Using a liner brush and thinned down White, I added some sparkles here and there in the jar.
  • I dry brushed some Dioxazine Purple swirls up from her hand and, once dried, I dry brushed some White over that… going for a misty look. I added some dots and sparkles with the liner brush and thinned down White.

Mason Jar (cont.):
  • I painted the lid with a mixture of Lamp Black and White and then floated in a line to separate the sections.
  • Once dried, I dry brushed some Dioxazine Purple and Desert Turquoise on the sections. Then, I dry brushed some White on the left side and on each of the sections, as shown in the picture.  

Finishing Touches:
  • I used a small letter stamp set and stamped the words “Shine On” using a black Staz-On ink pad. Even though I lined it up with a piece of painters tape, those letters aren’t always straight on the block, so I wasn’t too fussed if they lined up exactly or not.
  • Once dried, I painted a layer of DecoArt Media Soft-Touch Varnish over the entire piece.
  • Next, I used the On Point Glue by Imagine to glue the fairy onto the jar and then shaded underneath her arm, skirt and lower wing with Dioxazine Purple.
  • Finally, I looped some armature wire through the holes and, using needle nose pliers, wrapped it around the back wire and then into a little twirl.  

Optional:  Glamour Dust the swirls, if desired.

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

Other Supplies Used:

- Surface: Mason Jar from Item#31-L352
- Dynasty Brushes: Black Gold 1/2" Angle, 3/8" Angle, IPC Large Oval Foam, Medium Tracy Morea Stencil Brush, Small Mezzaluna, and a liner brush of choice.
(All available from – use promo code: sandymc for an additional discount)
- DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Desert Turquoise, Snow Titanium White, Lamp Black and Dioxazine Purple
- DecoArt Media Interference: Turquoise and Violet
- DecoArt Media Gesso: White
- DecoArt Media Varnish: Soft-Touch
- DecoArt Glazing Medium
- Imagine On Point Glue
- Misc. Supplies: Punchinella, Circle Dry Wall Tape, Needle Nose Pliers, Staz-on Ink Pad, Small Sanding Block, Wire and an Alphabet Stamp Set.

©2018 Shine On, Sandy McTier Designs ~ all rights reserved

Y’all have a GREAT day and Happy Creating!!  Sandy

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