Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Silver Box with Tracy Sagriff

If you knew me you would know that I love all things vintage and frilly. That often is reflected in the art that I create. This project falls under that category.

I fell in love with the Strawberry Leaf Oval Frame from Southern Ridge Trading Company and knew that it was going to be the foundation of this design. When I first took it out and began creating I had intended to use it as the backdrop for a very summery picnic themed altered cigar box. I imagined making big red strawberries to emphasize the incredible detail in this cut. Somewhere along the line my vintage vibe took over and before I knew it I had created a very vintage inspired faux hammered silver box. That just shows how one piece can have so many possibilities.

  1. Start by applying a thin coat of the black gesso to the entire box. This makes it so much easier than trying to get every nook and cranny later.
  2. Use the chipboard frame to trace the shape on the napkin or rice paper. Be sure to think about what part of the image you want to be featured on the box. Set the cut image aside.
  3. Adhere the chipboard frame to the box top using gel medium. Allow plenty of time for it to dry thoroughly.
  4. Once dry adhere your resin roses to the box. Again let that gel medium really dry before moving one.
  5. Coat the entire box top, frame and roses with a thin coat of black gesso. Once dry you can paint the box. I used an undercoat of light green then a layer of crackle medium and then finally a layer of black paint. When the cracking was done I gently rubbed the entire box top with silver texture luxe.
  6. Apply a thin layer of gel medium to the inside of the frame and glue down your image.
  7. Once dry you can use your foil and texture luxe to bring out the areas you want to be silver.  I find you have the best control if you work with your fingers.
  8. Coat the key piece in silver texture luxe and adhere it along with any embellishments or bling to the box top.
  9. There you go a beautiful faux silver box which would make a PERFECT GIFT for Mother’s Day.

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

Other Supplies Used:
- Cigar box or Wooden Box
- Acrylic Paint : Black & Green
- Black Gesso
- Resin Flowers
- Resin Buttons or Bobbles
- Gel Medium
- Rice Paper or a pretty napkin in a pinch
- Silver Foil
- Silver Texture Luxe

- Tracy

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