Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Nature Canvas with Tracy Sagriff

We are thrilled to welcome Tracy Sagriff to our Design Team. Tracy is up on the blog today sharing a fabulous Nature Canvas, that will be sure to inspire you. Sit back and relax and learn all about how she created her first project for us!

Mother Nature is playing with my heart this year so I decided to create a bit of spring for myself. This 4x4 canvas is a cute d├ęcor piece to brighten your home.


1. Paint canvas with white Gesso in smooth strokes.
2. Apply a first coat of white Gesso to the frame and tree, set aside to dry.
3. Use Alcohol markers to colour the tree
4. Adhere frame to canvas using Gel Medium
5. Apply a second coat of Gesso over frame and canvas to seal the two parts together
6. Using your acrylic paints create a spring background for your picture.
7. When your picture has dried completely adhere tree using Gel Medium. You may need to weight down the tip and trunk of the tree to get them glued flat
8. Add flatback pearls to both the left and right sides of the canvas
9. Use antique white rub’n’buff to add some shine to the frame.

Southern Ridge Trading Company Products Used:

Other Supplies Used:

- 4x4 Artist’s Canvas
- White Gesso
- Gel Medium
- Blue and Green Acrylic Paint
- Flatback Pearls

- Tracy 

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