Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Give Thanks Wall Hanging with Sandy McTier

I love the colours of autumn, and some of my favourite colours together are aqua, red, purple, green and orange! Fall is also a time when we gather with friends and family! Giving Thanks always but especially during the holidays when we’re reminded to give thanks and - be grateful for all we have! 

I hope you enjoy creating this sweet little frame and add it to your fall d├ęcor – or give it as a gift!

Prep: I painted the chipboard with an even coat of Gesso using a large oval foam brush. This allowed me to either brush it on or tap it on for added texture. For this particular piece, I brushed on a smooth coat of Gesso. Once one side was dry, I repeated it on the other side. I think this gave the chipboard a bit more stability.

I painted all of the branches with Raw Umber and then added some Quinacridone Gold in places to give the branches some variation in colour. Next, I added some Raw Umber and Titanium White and added some highlights here and there.  

I painted in all of the elements with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics. For the leaves, I used Green Gold. For the purple flowers, I used Dioxazine Purple just along the edges of the petals and Titanium White on the inside of the flowers. For the two larger mums, I used Pyrrole Red and Pyrrole Orange. Finally for the smaller mums, I used Quinacridone Gold. 

While the base colours were drying, I painted the frame with DecoArt Vintage Effects – Turquoise and then let it dry.

I added petals to the large mums with a mix of Yellow Oxide and Titan Buff and then painted petals along the back with Vermilion. Once dry, I added some brighter petals along the front with a mixture of Hansa Yellow Light and Titanium White. I shaded inside the flower and along the base of the bottom petals with some Raw Umber. 

Using an angle brush, I shaded the base of each of the leaves with Sap Green. Using a liner brush, I added small stamens with a mixture of Dioxazine Purple and Titanium White and randomly topped them with dots. The dots are a mixture of Green Gold and Titanium White. 

I finished by dry brushing a mixture of Cobalt Teal Hue and a touch of Titanium White on the leaves. Then I added some Metallic Gold to the front petals of the mums. Finally, I darkened some shading between the branches, leaves and flowers. 

While the chipboard was drying, I added some subtle interest to the frame. I used an M2-2L stencil by Tracy Moreau and yours truly, a Tracy Moreau Stencil brush and Metallic Gold.

TIP: Load the brush up well and then wipe most of it off onto a paper towel. Using a circular motion, brush over the stencil. Repeat, reloading the brush and wiping it off really well, as needed. 

Turn the cardboard insert for the frame over and paint with Titan Buff; let dry. Splatter some Metallic Gold on the frame and let dry. Transfer the words on using transfer paper and a pen or stylus. Paint words with Raw Umber and then add a mixture of Cobalt Teal Hue and a touch of Titanium White to the right of the letters as shown. Let dry. 

Once everything is dry, varnish with DecoArt Soft-Touch Varnish.

To finish, glue the chipboard on the frame using E6000 and insert the card piece into the frame. Place on an easel or let it stand with the little stick that comes with the frame. Note: Make sure you know where the hole is on the back and position it at the bottom before gluing your chipboard into place.

I hope this inspires you to create some Happy Fall Art today!!

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

- Floral Circle Frame (coming soon)

Other Supplies Used:

- Surface: Wooden Frame 
- M2 Stencil: M2-2L (Available from
- DecoArt Vintage Effects: Turquoise
- DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: Titanium White, Titan Buff, Sap Green, Green Gold,
Quinacridone Gold, Pyrrole Orange, Pyrrole Red, Cobalt Teal Hue, Hansa Yellow Light, Yellow Oxide, Dioxazine Purple, Vermilion & Metallic Gold
- DecoArt Media White Gesso & Soft-Touch Varnish
- Dynasty Brushes: IPC Large Oval Foam, Black Gold 3/4" Flat Wash, Black Gold #2 & #4
Shaders, 1/4" Angle, & Mezzaluna (Sm)
- Tracy Moreau Stencil Brush (Med) (Available from – use promo code:
sandymc for an additional discount)
- Other Supplies: E6000, Transfer Paper and Pen/Stylus

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Y’all have a GREAT Fall day; Happy Creating!! Sandy 

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