Thursday, March 23, 2017

Memories with Deb Antonick

Welcome to my second Blog post for Southern Ridge Trading Co. I am enjoying the crossover of adding Chipboard as an addition to my painted wood projects.  We have been teased with little peeks of spring and it had been making me feel happy and colourful.  So I thought that I would created something really colourful with the enlarged Memories Word. I started by choosing some pretty pastel colours from the newest DecoArt colours just released for 2017. 

It is a good idea to seal the wood with a Sealer, I used DecoArt Multi Purpose Sealer and then lightly sand the wood when dry.

Basecoat the letters with 2 coats of paint, letting dry between coats.
·      Blue - Whispering Turquoise, shade with Turquoise Blue. Highlight with Blue Chiffon. Deepen shading with Prussian Blue.
·      Pink – Cotton Candy, shade with Dragon Fruit. Highlight with Pink Chiffon. Deepen shading with Burgundy Wine.
·      Green – Light Lime, shade with Green Tree. Highlight with Pineapple. Deepen shading with Kelly Green.
·      Purple- Light Orchid, shade with Brilliant Purple. Highlight with Soft Heather. Deepen Shading with Dioxazine Purple.
Then basecoat the rest with Banana Cream Yellow.

I wanted to create a lace look for the background so I stamped the background with my Stampendous CRR217 Floral background stamp and DecoArt Pineapple and then repeated with White.
I thought it made a pretty pattern.
Basecoat the flowers to correspond with the colours of the letters using the palette above.

Basecoat the bird with DecoArt Dragon Fruit. Shade with Burgundy Wine and dot with Cotton Candy.
Basecoat the leaves with Green Tree. Shade with Kelly Green. Highlight with Pineapple.
I added Black and White checks.

Glue the overlay pieces together with Aleenes Tacky Glue.

Adhere the leaves to the flowers with Glue Dots.
Adhere the flowers to the surface with pop up Glue Dots.
Adhere 3 small white clothespins and any embellishments as desired.

Southern Ridge Trading Company Products Used:

- MEMORIES Overlay Wordplaque #PAINT -1194 (coming soon)
- Flowers (set 6) #FLW-005

Other Products Used: 

- DecoArt Acrylics
- Alene's Tacky Glue
- Mini Clothespins
- Glue Dots and Glue Dots Pop Up
- Assorted Embellishments

Deb Antonick


  1. Great painting Deb!!! Nice showcasing of Southern Ridge Trading Co. chipboard.

  2. Totally fabulous love the colors!