Friday, September 14, 2018

Pretty In Pink with Tracy Moreau

This little Heart Ornament is an easy to do project for even the most inexperienced, It uses  Southern Ridge Trading’s Barbed Wire Heart OrnamentDecoArt fluid Acrylics , a simple technique and a delicate but simple line drawing. A Gel pen or ultra fine tip Permanent marker and you are all set to create this sweet little barbed Wire Heart!

Start with a Black Base coat of both the Background surface and the barbed Wire. Let it dry well . Dry brush the barbed wire frame  with a little White  and let it dry. ( Should look like a dark Grey) Let it dry. Apply a coat of White in a vertical fashion with the Oval Brush. it should look quite Dry and some of the black should peek through in places.  Using the Stamp and Black Fluid acrylic stamp the surface in a few places to add a little pattern to the Background. It should be quite sparse and irregular.

Stroke is a few indistinct flowers and leaves using heavy thinned Primary Magenta and Green Gold. Trace and transfer the flower to the surface.

Make three values of PINK using the Primary Magenta and the Translucent White. and Base the Petals of the flowers with the Mid value. With the  darker value apply a wash of colour to the centre of the flower. Use the Lightest Value to add a float of highlight to the tips of the Petals.

Apply a wash of the green Gold to the Leaves and stroke in Fine tendrils with thinned Sap Green. Shade the Leaves with floats of thinned Sap Green.

Deepen the shadows of the flowers  with floats of thinned Primary Magenta. Let it all dry then Outline all of the petals with fine scribbly lines using the Gel Pen.

To Finish up, Stroke in a few fine highlights to the Barbs on the barbed Wire Fram. and Glue the two pieces together. I used a strand of Pink Satin ribbon for a hanger.

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

Other Supplies Used:

- DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: Primary Magenta, Translucent White, Green Gold, Sap Green and Carbon Black
- Stampendous: Vintage Note Stamp - RS-P249
- Dynasty Brushes: Black Gold Brushes - 1/2 angular, #4 round, Hot Wax and 3/4 Oval (Natural Bristle)
Designed By Tracy Moreau

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