Monday, March 26, 2018

Sea, Surf & Sand with Sandy McTier

Who’s ready for SUMMER? I know I am, and I live in the SOUTH!

Here’s what I did to create my Sea, Surf & Sand piece

Prepping the Surface:
  • I scuffed up the frames with some sand paper and then wiped clean.
  • Then I painted them with DecoArt’s Americana Décor Texture – Moss Blue and let completely dry.
  • Then, I dry brushed them with DecoArt’s Vintage Effects – White.
Load the stencil brush with the paint and wipe most of it off on a paper towel. Brush over the frames, and let the paint pick up where it wants to. Continue to add dry brushed layers as needed. Let dry.

Chipboard Pieces:
  • I painted each of the Southern Ridge Chipboard pieces – Chain Anchor, Clam Shell, and Holey Starfish with DecoArt’s Americana Decor Metallics – Soft Gold and let dry.
  • Then I shaded around the edges with DecoArt’s Media Fluid Acrylics – Raw Umber.
Load the toe of a slightly damp 3/8” Angle brush with Raw Umber and float the colour along the inside edge of the chipboard shape. Let dry.
  • I applied the Glue Dots on the backside of each chipboard piece and attached them to the linen mat board pieces.
  • I printed out the words using a laser printer and painted over them with DecoArt Media Matte Medium.  Once dry, I shaded around the edges with Raw Umber.
  • Once dry, I added more shading around the edges and then splattered with Raw Umber and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (Media Fluid Acrylic).
  • Once dry, I applied the mini glue dots to the words and added them to each of the panels.  

Frames & Finishing:
  • I glued the frames together with clear Gorilla Glue.
  • Then I varnished the frames with DecoArt Media Soft Touch Varnish.
  • Once dry, I put the panels in each frame.
You could also staple a ribbon from the outer frames and hang on the wall  

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

Other Supplies Used:

- Frames 5x7 (Qty: 3) (available at Dollar Tree)
- Mat Board (available from
- DecoArt Products:
Americana Decor  Metallics – Soft Gold
Americana Decor Texture – Moss Blue
Vintage Effects – White
Media Matte Medium
Media Soft Touch Varnish
Media Fluid Acrylics – Raw Umber & Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
- Dynasty Brushes:
Black Gold 3/4", #16 Shader, 3/8" Angle, IPC Large Foam & 1/2" Stencil Brush
(available from – use promo code: sandymc for an additional discount)
- Misc. Supplies:
Gorilla Glue
Mini Glue Dots
Water Basin
Paper Towels

©2018 Sea, Surf & Sand; Sandy McTier Designs ~ all rights reserved

Y’all have a GREAT day; Happy Creating!!  Sandy

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