Thursday, March 6, 2014

Art journalling Southern Ridge Trading style ....

I was fortunate enough to encounter Karen at a craft event recently, and spent time looking through her baskets of wonderful-ness, various wooden and chipboard die cuts in all shapes and sizes, some delicate and intricate, others more sturdy - it was exciting.  Possibly you will get to experience this too :)

One little bird caught my eye. He was bagged up with his little friends but was desperate to feature in my next art journal page, so I enabled him ! lol

The inspiration for this page came from a poem I had recently read about acceptance, and in particular accepting ourselves for who we are. I would like to think we all have the freedom to sing and simply 'be'. This bird was perfect, he looks confident and was the perfect size, especially with his washi tape musical road.

A close up of my bird :
He is quite thick, sturdy chipboard. I put a layer of clear gesso onto him to get a little tooth for my gelato's and so I could work with a wet medium. I colored him with chocolate, butterscotch and tangerine gelato, and used my aqua painter to blend and move the colors around. As you can see, he has red lips /beak.... yes, he is a very fortunate whimsical bird. lol. A couple of layers of clear embossing powder put the finishing touches to his appearance. Isn't he cute. 

Hope you found some inspiration here, Nikki x

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  1. Great job Nikki! And welcome to our team!
    I was just professing my love of gelatoes earlier today? Haha!
    Awesome work!