Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Be a Wild Flower with Tracy Moreau

These wonderful silhouette cut outs from Southern Ridge Trading, Help create theme, and give more structure to a painted piece without overwhelming the Design. I love this Wild Flower Bouquet piece... delicate and yet has solid structure and detail.

To Begin you must prepare the surface:

I based my Multi Media Board with two light coats of Carbon Black ( or Lamp Black) Once it was completely dry, I inked the Stamp with The Sienna Vista Stamp pad. I pressed the stamp to the surface lightly, as I wanted a slightly distressed appearance. I set it aside to dry. 

Once dry, I traced the floral line drawing on, with white graphite paper.

I painted the Daisy with Gesso first, pulling the Gesso in the direction of the petals to create a little texture in the petals. I stipples the gesso into the centre of the flower to create texture. 

The Petals I painted With Titanium White and shaded with Floats of thinned Cobalt Teal Hue. The centre of the flower is based over with Diarylide Yellow and then Shade the centre and the petals with Thinned Asphaltum. The stem I painted with Green Gold and the shaded with a float of thinned Viridian Green

Once dry, scribble on the edges of the petals, centre and the stems with the gel Pen. 

I Decoupage the Small quote to the Bottom of the Panel with the Matt Medium.. I simply tore it out to create a rougher edge. Apply a generous coat of the Matt Medium over the entire surface.

Spatter the surface lightly with thinned Titanium White. And thinned Carbon Black. 

I used a simple rust technique for the Silhouette.. by mixing Texture Sand Paste with a small amount of Burnt Sienna and then stippling this mixture over the chipboard. I added a bit of dimension by tapping in a bit of the Red Iron Oxide here and there. Once dry I darkened a few places with a stipple of Asphaltum, and Carbon Black (sparingly).

Adhere the Silhouette to the left side of the Panel with the Matt Medium. Let it dry then dry brush the Silhouette with Orange Flame.

You Need:

Southern Ridge Trading Company Products Used:

Other Supplies Used:

- Dynasty Black Gold #4 Filbert & 10/0 Liner
- DecoArt Media: Media Gesso ( White), Green Gold, Viridian Green, Cobalt Teal Hue, Titanium White, Diarylide Yellow, Carbon Black, Texture Sand Paste, Burnt Sienna, English Red Oxide. Matt Medium
- DecoArt Americana: Asphaltum & Orange Flame
- Stampendous Stamps: Decor Background Stamp ( Decor Script) DCR103
- Multimedia Art Board: 5"x7" White (or black)

Designed By: Tracy Moreau

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