Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Let's Make Art Cards with Karen Bearse!

Today I have a simple technique that you can use with multiple products to get slightly different results on your chipboard pieces. The best part is it makes for really easy colour customizing.  All I did was to gesso my chippie, let dry, add colour and stamp on top. To get a more subtle look just stamp before the colour phase. Here are my art cards!

This has a fun, vintage, grunge feel to it. It also makes me think of a family member even though the photo is not of them.

This is a reminder of a garden friend that visits once in a while.

I collect gift cards, always intending to use them in Project Life or on a scrapbook page but then rarely do that. Part of the reason is I could never find the card when I needed it. Now I have a central place were all the cards go so that has made it easier. Celebrate Me events, like Mother’s Day… my go to is Red Lobster. The Ultimate Feast is the perfect seafood combo & the lobster tail is always (except that one time) cooked perfectly.
To see in more detail how I made these art cards & the supplies I used check out my blog post.

Southern Ridge Trading Company Supplies Used:

- Karen

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